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My sister is a cardiac nurse who works in a small hospital in Upstate New York. She has said that since "you-know-who" was elected in 2016, violence has increased in hospital settings. This president condoned and encouraged violence & people followed suit. Witness what happened on Jan 6, 2021. He gave carte blanche to these extremist behaviors. He gave people permission to behave badly, and they do so in many hospitals around the country. Patient violence against medical personnel is not new. However, it has ramped up since 2016 and the pandemic. Based on the stories I hear from my sister and other medical professionals, where medical personnel get severely assaulted, I feel that these signs need to be put up. Not everyone is nice or civil.

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Another great story from a great storyteller. Keep 'em coming. I'm not sure how I feel about the signage. It shouldn't be necessary but then again .... I just continue to try every day to be nice, to be kind.

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